The RSPCAPNG Veterinary Clinic offers boarding facilities for all animals, and will assist with re-homing animals when owners can no longer take care of them. All cats and dogs offered for adoption by the RSPCAPNG are de-sexed, vaccinated and treated for internal and external parasites.

Since resuming responsibility for the operations of the Veterinary Clinic in July 2002, the RSPCAPNG has received tremendous assistance and support from other RSPCA organisations, particularly the NSW Branch of the Australian RSPCA who not only provided us with veterinary staff at no cost in the early days, but have also been instrumental in developing operational plans for the Clinic, and prioritising redevelopment and service expansion plans.

As we strive to improve the lot of animals, both owned and free on the streets, assets such as this machine help to attract veterinary surgeons from across the world. We seek practical and common sense vets who are prepared to live and work in PNG, gaining much experience from the environment and people and the different animals and diseases often very unlike those in their home countries.

The RSPCAPNG continues to improve services provided by the Veterinary Clinic.

Veterinary Clinic

The RSPCAPNG owns and operates the RSPCAPNG Veterinary Clinic, which is located on the corner of Waigani Drive and Kunai Street in Port Moresby (Telephone: 325 2363 / 7198 2200 / 7067 5535).

Veterinary Clinic Consulting & Pet Adoption Hours

Monday to Friday: 9am – 4pm
Saturday: 9am – 1pm
Sundays and public holidays: closed


For enquires email: reception1@rspca.org.pg
For appointments email: reception1@rspca.org.pg
Phone:  7198 2200
NCD Dog Pound: 325 7150