The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals of Papua New Guinea is a charitable organisation committed to the welfare of “all creatures great and small” in PNG.

We run the only private veterinary clinic in Papua New Guinea to provide quality veterinary health care and assistance to all animals. This clinic is a non-profit organisation with all proceeds going towards animal welfare.

The RSPCAPNG provides refuge for abandoned, mistreated, abused and neglected animals. All attempts are made to restore them to health and to re-home them into a caring environment.

We manage the NCDC Dog Pound and run bi-weekly collections to get sick and stray dogs off our streets and from the villages. Where possible, these dogs are nursed back to health.

We actively seek to prevent cruelty to all animals. The RSPCAPNG will pursue reported cases of cruelty to animals and, if necessary, prosecute offenders under part IV of the Animals Act.

We believe educating the public in the needs and care of their animals will provide a better future for all. The RSPCAPNG has just launched a campaign aimed towards all local school children to raise awareness about the prevention of animal cruelty and to educate our youth in the importance of proper animal care.

The RSPCA’s next main task is to educate the public about the importance of de-sexing their pet dogs and cats. This will clean up our streets by reducing the number of strays and also ensure that the public are able to adequately care for their pet’s needs if they have less unwanted animals around them.

We like to think of ourselves as the Really Special People who Care for Animals because for us, animal welfare in Papua New Guinea is our top priority and passion.

The RSPCAPNG is the country’s only community based, non-profit organisation, dedicated to preventing cruelty to animals by actively promoting their care and protection.


That all people in PNG respect animals


The RSPCAPNG aims to achieve its vision


Providing services that ensure humane standard.


Being a voice in the protection of all animals.


Transferring knowledge through education, awareness and outreach


Ensuring our organisation has the necessary resources and support.


Developing and supporting effective and efficient employees, volunteers and committee members


The RSPCAPNG recognises that the following core values are the guiding principles that govern our organisation’s behaviour and actions:


We are professional in all aspects of our operation, from our dealings with the community, to animal welfare and our dealings with each other.


We uphold strong moral behaviour, understanding right from wrong and acting in a manner that upholds the policies, procedures and standards of our organisation.


We are the leaders in our field committed to guiding the community, authorities and other organisations on our Vision and Mission through well-planned activities, advice and programs.


We are passionate and committed to our Vision and Mission and are dedicated, active and motivated team members


We display kindness, understanding, and compassion in all our dealings with animals, our customers and the community


We understand that the needs of our organisation and community change, and that we must adjust to new conditions, be innovative in our approach and think ‘outside the box’